• 4th Annual Shoe Drive

    4th Annual Shoe Drive

    Raise funds for outreach ministries, provide shoes to those in need in developing countries, support micro-enterprise, keep toxic chemicals out of our soil and water supplies.

  • Developing programs

    Developing programs

    We identify and fill gaps in service that place limits on those with disabilities, driven by our vision of a world where all those affected by disabilities have a place they truly belong and the resources and support they need.

  • Meeting needs

    Meeting needs

    We provide accessible ramps to those in our region that need them, as well as wheelchairs and other adaptive equipment to those in developing nations who would otherwise do without.

  • Giving


    We invite you to partner with us as we work to be the hands and feet of Jesus close to home and far away, a ministry only possible through the generosity of our supporters.

Ramps of Hope

Through Ramps of Hope, servants from many local churches provide a safe way for those with physical disabilities to come and go from their homes, many of whom have been prisoners in their homes for months, or even years. By building ramps and relationships, they are meeting real needs in their communities and beyond.

International Ministries

We are working with like-minded ministries and local pastors to help meet the needs of those with disabilities in developing nations and to present the Good News. We collect wheelchairs and other adaptive equipment and ship them to developing nations, where short-term mission teams travel to help fit and distribute them. We also teach and train therapists and mechanics in these countries ways to help their own people.


Financial and prayer support, vital to the ongoing work of this ministry, primarily come from our individual ministry supporters…people just like you who believe that each person is important in God’s Kingdom. Also essential to our ongoing local, national, and international work are our faithful servant volunteers.