Mary's Story: An Introduction to Jesus

Mary and the Ramps of Hope builders

Last year, we received a referral for a woman named "Mary" needing a ramp. During our first get-together, after filling the initial paperwork, we asked her if she would like to pray with us. She replied that she didn't think much about this "prayer stuff", but gave us the go ahead. As we were leaving, Rose, our intake worker, gave Mary her contact information, in case she needed to reach us.

A few days later, Mary called Rose to ask if she could come by and do that “prayer thing” again. Rose gladly stopped by and prayed with her and a friendship began to blossom. As scheduled, a wonderful group of folks from several churches built Mary’s ramp. We took some pictures, shared a meal with her, and prayed.

During this time, I had been out of the country on a mission trip, but followed the unfolding story through emails. In one email, Rose wrote me, “When you get back, you just have to meet Mary!”

When I returned, we visited Mary. At her request, we prayed. We also asked her if there was anything else we could do for her. She told us that she would really like some pictures of “her guys,” the ones who had built the ramp for her.

A few weeks later, we returned for a second visit with the pictures in hand. We prayed together and as we left I gave Mary a hug and told her how much Jesus loved her. Her response was, “I really think he does!”We parted that day expecting this relationship to continue.

We received a call a few days later from Mary’s husband, letting us know that she had slipped into a diabetic coma and died unexpectedly. This was very hard news to hear and deeply saddened all of us who had come to know her. A few of us attended her funeral and did what we could to support her husband and daughter during this time. As we processed this information, we realized that God had offered us a brief opportunity to minister in Jesus’ name to a neighbor in need. Mary needed that ramp, for sure, but what she needed most was a chance to meet and accept Jesus as her Savior.